Accomplishment in the face of a challenge

Be Brilliant

Find the gaps between the culture you have created and the legacy you want. Pairing the latest in neuroscience and academic research with tangible, pragmatic business acumen, we will create a custom program to put you on the track to defining you.

Be Aware

Transform your team’s capability, perception and future. Using the strength of your team’s diversity, we will provide custom programs and workshops designed to lay the foundation for positive interaction, innovation, and inspired action to accomplish more.

Be Accomplished

Alignment. Accountability. Action. Accomplishment.
Circumstances happen. And over time, many of us lose sight of what we value and what success means to us. Whether it’s individual contributors or teams, we offer practical, transformational coaching to turn significant challenges into minor hurdles of the past.

Why Coaching?

Coaching has become a sought after development tool because the change it achieves is visible, significant and sustained over time. A good coaching relationship, with full commitment from the client, can be a life-changing experience.

Here are some reasons why a coach may be the right answer for you:

  • Organizations are in a constant state of change – There is an unending need for leadership from individuals who can adapt and succeed amid a globalizing marketplace and technological advances.
  • Leadership is not a technical skill – Leaders can’t be told “how to lead,” they need to understand their authentic self in order to properly maneuver and lead through a changing environment.
  • You may be good, but you could be better – By making an intentional commitment with your coach toward positive change, and identifying key autonomous motivators, you will be operating at a higher level. Period.

How it Works

While each coach has a unique approach, there are universal guidelines, embraced by the industry, designed to help clients get the most value from their investment.

Thinking about a coach for an opportunity or challenge you may be facing? Here are a few key principles under which we operate:

  • Confidentiality. We adhere to a strict level of confidentiality – we consider it critical to create a secure environment so the client feels safe to speak freely.
  • Client’s agenda. Coaching is about the client’s personal growth and achievement. Therefore, our focus is strictly on the client’s agenda.
  • Discovery process. The best solutions lie within the client; our job as coach is to guide the discovery process for them.
  • Action-oriented. The coach can’t do the work for the client. Instead, it is up to the client to take action between meetings to push themselves and grow. The coach will help identify those autonomous motivators to get you going.

The Process

Our coaching process was developed based on Columbia University’s Executive Coaching model; a results-driven strategic learning framework grounded in academic research and industry best practices.

CONTEXT – What’s Up?

To know where you are going, you have to realize where you are today. In order to have a successful coaching engagement, we will work together to identify the cognitive, emotional and cultural world views that drive you and your team, and overlay these into an analysis of your current situation.

CONTENT – What “Matters”?

Once we have established the gap between where you are today and where you want to be, we’ll interpret internal and external feedback, explore the payoffs and consequences of action options, and make challenging, tangible goals based on priorities and success factors.

CONDUCT – What Next?

With a plan in place, it’s time to take action. We’ll experiment with different scenarios, gain strategic insight, and reflect in action to create sustainable, positive change.


Team Coaching and Workshops

Team Coaching
and Workshops

  • Diversity and Innovation
  • Building Presence
  • Cognitive Diversity
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Customized Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

  • Leadership and Executive Presence
  • Driving Culture
  • Authenticity Management
  • Media Training
Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching

and Business Coaching

  • Business Development
  • Organizational Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
  • Strategic Operations

What Clients are Saying

“Recent changes to regulations in our industry can be overwhelming. With Jim’s partnership, we implemented a change management program with our leadership team, and it couldn’t have been more successful.”
Mike S., Financial Services, New York, NY
“We worked with Jim to revisit our team structure, made what turned out to be only minor and fairly easy changes, and now the team is accomplishing more than we thought we could.”
John V., Marketing Executive, Manila, Philippines
“Jim provided us with invaluable service in analyzing the operation of our law firm. He provided us with a framework for change in communicating with staff-members and identifying needs and goals. He recommended concrete steps that we are implementing to improve our flow, productivity, and ability to deliver top legal services to our clients. Jim has a wonderful professional and direct manner of dealing with people and understanding the practices that create success.”
Joanne S., Law Firm Partner, New York, NY
“Jim helped me make the “invisible” visible, and I could see the transformation in me and my team almost instantly.”
Douglas G., Operations Executive, Omaha, NE
“My work with Jim showed me how much “sticking to my guns” was holding me back – and how to properly balance my values and the needs of my coworkers. I use what we created in my work life and my personal life – and it’s been life changing.”
Janet M., Healthcare Executive, Philadelphia, PA

About the Coach

Jim Frawley is a certified Executive Coach and Business Consultant, working with individuals and teams who are looking to reach higher levels of accomplishment through improved leadership, presence and performance.

Prior to coaching, Jim spent 15 years in a variety of roles within the financial industry, which included the implementation of numerous marketing, public relation and investor relation strategies, the development of operational and product strategic initiatives, and launching executive communications programs at Fortune 500 firms. Before the financial industry, he led operations, training and communications at a top-tier consultative sales and coaching firm.  

Formerly a syndicated radio talk show host and award-winning public speaker, he holds his Executive Coaching designation credentials from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Arts from the Catholic University of America. Jim is certified to administer multiple neuroscience, behavioral and personality assessments, most notably the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI) and the Hogan Leadership Development and Lead Forecast Series.


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